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Smiling tiger
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Opening Hours:

Morning session 7.30am to 11am – Daily
Morning session 12pm to 4pm – Daily


600 Thai Baht per person – ($20) This is a temple so no shorts, short skirts or vests. Also, no bright colours, especially yellow or red which might upset the tigers.


The Tiger Temple is a Buddhist monastery with an animal sanctuary.

What to see:

See over 100 tigers of all ages roaming free, along with other rescued animals including peacocks, deer, boar, buffalo and horses cared for by the monks.

The sanctuary started in 1999 with a single orphaned tiger cub taken to Pha Luang Ta Bua for the monks to look after. Buddhist monasteries have a long tradition of looking after stray animals, although this is normally stray dogs and cats.

Have your photograph taken with a tiger. The monks take visitors individually to sit with the tigers during their afternoon or morning walks for a picture to be taken.

This is not a zoo and does not have cages. The tigers are raised from a young age, or are born, in the monastery. The monks carefully control the interaction between visitors and the tigers to ensure their safety. Visitors must observe certain rules to make sure everything is safe.

Admission fees are used to fund the food for the tigers and other animals. The temple has also purchased an area of land which it is re-foresting in order to create a safe fenced area into which they plan to eventually release the tigers.

Getting There:

Address: Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, Yannasampanno, Lum Sum, Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi

By Bus: From the Southern bus terminal in Thonburi, Bangkok to Kanchanaburi (2 hours). Change buses in Kanchanaburi. From Kanchanaburi take bus number 8203 to Sai Yok (45 minutes).


Starts at 7am with pick up from your hotel. You will be returned to your hotel at 5pm. Includes visits to the Floating Markets, Bridge over the River Kwai, Thai lunch, all admission fees and the services of an English speaking guide. Click below to book.

book Floating Market, Bridge Over the River Kwai and Tiger Temple Tour
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