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Who Are We?

We are Sam Taylor and Joe K. Johnston. Sam comes from London and Joe from Toronto. In the early 2000s they left their respective homes and after a fair amount of wandering and just a little soul searching they both opted to make a go of living in Bangkok. They met by accident in the Sukhumvit Road and became good friends. After hanging out for a while they decided to use their skills and knowlege to write a number of sites about their beloved adopted home, Bangkok. So far they have produced and This site is the third in their Thailand Smart Guides series.


Sam got hitched to a lovely local and had a baby daughter 3 years ago. Joe has yet to meet the right person. During their time in Thailand they have fielded numerous questions from fellow ex-pats as well as tourists about what Bangkok has to offer for children. They soon realized that despite the sleazy reputation of certain areas of Bangkok the city had a remarkable amount of fun places to visit. There is no end to the fun that children and parents can have in Bangkok. It thus seemed a great idea to make a website detailing not only the fun activities available for kids in Bangkok but also about the family friendly aspects to the city.


The main aim of is to develop a resource for families to use to help them get the most out of their stay in Bangkok. We aim to update and expand the site over time to incoporate more activities, more family-friendly hotels and to provide as many helpful resources as possible. It is hoped that by doing so we can put a smile on the face of a few children, make the life of parents just that little bit less stressful and perhaps earn a few bucks in commissions. The great thing for the end-user is that our affiliates pay the commissions and so all the tour and hotel prices are unaffected by booking via this site.


All constructive feedback is appreciated. We want to improve the site inline with the demands of the user. Please feel free to drop us a line at

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