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Khao San / China Town Guide
Grand Palace
Grand Palace
Street Markets
Lively Street Markets
Royal Princess Larn Luang Hotel
Royal Princess Larn Luang Hotel
Major Attractions    
Grand Palace Sampaeng Lane
Wat Pho Bangkok Flower Market
Wat Tramit Charoen Krung Road
National Gallery Wat Saphanthawong Museum
National Museum Wat Mangkon Kamalawat
Khao San Road Wat Mahathat
Soi Rambutri The Golden Mount
Area Description

Khao San and Chinatown are set within what is known as 'Old Bangkok' where most important historical sites are found.

Khao San is set in the northern part of the old city area. The Khao San road itself is very modern and popular predominately with younger backpackers. However, the surrounding area retains a lot of its original character. There are many old wooden buildings, temple complexes, and quiet canal side roads.

Rattankosin is the area between Khao San and Chinatown and the site for the most important historical sights of Bangkok such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Samang Luang which is the park where national events such as royal funerals take place.

Chinatown is the commercial hub of the old city. This area features several exciting markets including Sampeng Lane and the Flower Market. There are also some fantastic Buddhist and Chinese temples well worth visiting. Chinatown is well connected to the rest of Bangkok by public transport with the main railway station (Hualamphong) and an adjacent metro station.

Markets: Sampeng Lane - Soi Wanit 1 (Chinatown): colorful Chinese street market shopping in Khao San Road and Chinatown  
  Khao San Road - All day street market with clothes, CDs, souvenirs etc.
  Pak Klong Talat - Bangkok Flower Market in Chak Pet Road, Chinatown
  Banglamphu Market - Chakrapong Road (Khao San): popular local market
Gold: Yaowarat Road - Two shops we recommend in Chinatown are Hua Seng Heng
  (401 - 407 Yaowarat Road) and Siam Gold Gallery (310 Taowarat Road)
Recommended Restaurants  
Cheap: May Kaidee - Tanao Road (Khao San): Thai vegetarian food Khao San and Chintatown restaurants  
  Nai Sow - 3/1 Maitrichit Road (Chinatown): classic Thai food
Mid-range: Mayampuri - Chakrapong Road (Khao San): Thai and Western food
  Scoozi - Sunset Street (off Khao San Road): Italian food
Expensive: Shangri-La Restaurant - Yaowarat Road (Chinatown): best Chinese in Bangkok
Recommended Family Friendly Hotels  
check rates of Nuovo City Hotel Nouvo City Hotel from $68 a night Khao San and Chinatown recommended hotels  
check rates for Grand China Princess Hotel Grand China Hotel from $60 per night
check rates for Royal Princess Larn Luang Hotel Royal Princess Larn Luang Hotel from $64 per night
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